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you are intence, slow down.

Wei Shi

James, you got the point!


How is it Chris?A good reflection on e learning. Blogs are also new to me, in the past I requested that students created a log book. Into this each day I asked them to post their thoughts, feelings, questions, and to sketch what they saw and what was new. Some of the team applied learning into their log books and these entres were used in their portfolios. The log was used to prompt and recall info. It is supprising what we forget, even over a short time, yet if stuff is logged and revisited the picture instantly resurfaces. But what is interesting, is that in most cases the old logged entry can be added to... this is because you now view it differently... So with blogs we can do this updating and as you are starting to see others can also comment.Keep up with your blogs as I enjoy reading them.Cheers

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